Jet Set WivesBy Penny Jordan

Publish Date: August 2010
  • Series: M & B Collection
  • Price:  Rs. 249
  • Three sexy millionaires are about to marry…
    Bedding His Virgin Mistress
    Ricardo Salvatore thought Carly was just another greedy woman. He planned to take over the company she managed, so why not have her as well? But Ricardo was stunned when in the heat of passion he learned of Carly’s innocence…

    Expecting the Playboy’s Heir
    American billionaire and heir to an earldom, Silas Carter is one of the world’s most eligible men, but he plans a practical marriage. Julia Fellowes – beautiful, well-connected – is perfect wife material. But there’s more to this story…Julia is pregnant!

    Blackmailing the Society Bride
    Lucy was facing crippling debts. Millionaire banker Marcus Canning had decided it was time to get an heir – and consequently a convenient wife: Lucy! Their sexual chemistry is purely a bonus ...
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