Meant to WedBy Carole Mortimer

Publish Date: August 2010
  • Series: M & B Collection
  • Price:  Rs.249
  • Were these sisters destined to be wives?

    To Have a Husband
    Harriet found enigmatic stranger Quinn McBride incredibly attractive, but she wasn’t sure she could believe or trust him.Could she really be falling for the enemy?

    To Become a Bride
    Right from the beginning Danie crossed swords with Jonas Noble, but the secretive, handsome male was still unwittingly tempting her to imagine herself as his blushing bride!

    To Make a Marriage
    Her unborn baby had been conceived in a moment of irresistible passionate madness. But how much longer could she keep her secret? How was Adam Munroe going to react to impending fatherhood?
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