Red Hot and Ruthless CoverBy Anna Depalo

Publish Date: November 2010
  • Series: M & B Collection
  • Price:  Rs.249
  • Steamy…

    Gorgeous and rich, Matt Whitaker wants a wife – and Lauren Fletcher is going to help him. After all, matchmaking is her business. But after spending several days – and nights – together, it seems only one woman can live up to his exacting standards.


    After she is kidnapped in the desert, the menacing Sheikh Nasir ibn Ahmad comes to Sadie Kaufman’s rescue, insisting that the only place safe is by his side. But is this sexy and indomitable man really as good as he seems?


    Nothing tastes sweeter than forbidden fruit, and Lucas Broussard is certainly that. But Vanessa Douglas can’t give in to temptation; she needs her respectability. But just one wild night with Lucas couldn’t be her downfall – could it?
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