Friends For Life Collector's Pack 1By Penny Jordan and Betty Neels

Publish Date: October 2010
  • Series: FFL Collector's Pack
  • Price:  Rs.195
  • Volume I
    Passionate Protection
    Penny Jordan
    Her love would never be returned In Spain on business, essica had agreed to do her cousin a favor, but she never magined it would result in her working with the aristocratic ebastian Calvadores.From the moment they met he was callous and arrogant, and yet she couldn’t deny the way her pulses raced whenever he entered the room. She was falling in love.
    Jessica wanted to listen to her heart, but common sense warned against it. For Sebastian had nothing but contempt for her—and another woman intended to possess Sebastian!

    A Small Slice of summer
    Betty Neels

    Fate stepped in… Letitia Marsden had decided that men were not to be trusted. Then she met Dr. Jason Mourik van Nie, and he changed her mind.Learning to trust again wasn’t easy for either of them. This time, Letitia vowed, there would be a happy ending. But then Jason got the wrong idea about one of her male friends.…
    Could a chance meeting set it right? Surely fate wasn’t going to let a simple misapprehension stand in the way of true love?
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