Rich Rugged & ReliableBy Penny Jordan

Publish Date: December 2010
  • Series: M & B Collection
  • Price:  Rs.249
  • Make Mills & Boon a part of your world with three vibrant, entertaining and classic stories, each capturing the timeless adventure of falling in love.

    The Tycoon’s Virgin by
    Penny Jordan

    When Leo Jefferson falls into bed, he finds a gorgeous siren who makes him forget all his worries… But next morning, Jodie Marsh confesses she fell asleep in the wrong room! To save her reputation, Leo has the perfect solution – an engagement!

    The English Bride by
    Margaret Way

    Lady Francesca was in love with rugged Grant Cameron and knew the Outback held everything she desired. Grant was torn. If the pampered rich girl could dash back to her privileged world, should he risk asking her to become his English bride?

    Rescuing Dr Ryan by

    Caroline Anderson

    He was supposed to be training Dr Lucie Compton as a GP, but with two injured arms, Dr Will Ryan was relying on her for everything. Then Lucie decided to save grumpy but gorgeous Dr Ryan from himself…
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