In the Arms of RancherBy Joan Hohl & Jan Colley

Publish Date: December 2010
  • Series: Desire
  • Price:  Rs.125
  • In the Arms of The Rancher

    He was only in town for a short spell – long enough to enjoy some female company before heading home for the holidays. Yet the minute rancher Hawk McKenna entered her restaurant, he knew Kate Muldoon was trouble. Her eyes spoke of hidden fears, but her lips and limbs had him aching to take her to bed.

    His Vienna Christmas Bride

    The engagement was a fake to pacify Jasmine’s family. Shameless flirt and financial whiz Adam Thorne saw the opportunity and Jasmine had once wounded his pride. So he’d accept his one-time lover’s impulsive proposal – taking his revenge along with a healthy profit. But would his plans falter in the heat of holiday passion?
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