Captive at the Sicillian Billionaire's CommandBy Penny Jordan

Publish Date: Mar 2009
  • Series: Modern
  • Price:  Rs. 99.00
  • affairs, seduction, and passion guaranteed

    Captured by the Sicilian for his bidding and bedding!

    Rocco Leopardi’s demand is non-negotiable: Julie Simmonds must bring his little nephew to Sicily to take his rightful place as a Leopardi! Rocco doesn’t much care about what happens to Julie after that…

    …until his body tells him otherwise. He thought she was a gold-digger, but her unexpected innocence has stirred his senses. So, when it’s proved that the child is not one of his family but that Julie is the boy’s aunt, the forbidding Sicilian changes the rules… He’ll keep this inexperienced waif and make her his wife!
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