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Amy J. Fetzer

Over a decade ago, with a newborn and a three-year-old at the time, Amy had organised herself right into complete boredom. A neighbour rescued her sanity by giving her a romance novel and she was instantly hooked. "I’d never felt so much from reading a book before," Amy says, and after reading dozens, she wanted to write one.

Reality hit when it took her three years to finish her first attempt. Amy swears that novel will never see the light of day, and remains in the "home for unsold books." But her second attempt, an historical time travel, sold, and she’s been writing ever since.

Her favourite part of writing? "All of it," she says. "Being home for the kids when they were little, working on my own, and frankly, creating stories out of thin air still blows me away after all these years. There is a challenge in each story, to make the reader feel more, see more, and really love the characters."

The daughter of a marine colonel, married for over twenty years to a career marine, she’s travelled extensively and uses her experiences in her novels. She combines her love for adventure, intrigue, and romance to create vibrant characters that come to life on the page. Amy believes "there are real heroes and heroines out there waiting for their story to be told."

A completely self-taught writer, Amy lives for those rare private moments when she can curl up in a chair, sip chocolate cappuccino, and get lost in the works of her favourite authors. It’s heaven and always with a happy ending.

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Favourite Books:

The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
Shadow Play by Katherine Sutcliffe
Glenlyon's Bride by Jillian Hunter
A Pocketful of Paradise by Kathleen Kane
A Candle in the Dark by Megan Chance

Favourite Movies:

Practical Magic

Favourite Songs:

Rachmaninov's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, op. 43

Author Writing Tip:

"Read what you want to write, then write."

Author Romantic Tip:

Did you know that this author has been married to a marine for over 20 years?

Author Nationality: American Author
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