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Arlene James

Arlene James began writing romance more than 20 years ago, when her youngest son was nine months old. She learned to type sitting sideways so her boy could play in the kneehole of her desk. The Silhouette Romance line bought that first book, City Girl, and they’ve enjoyed a long and, Arlene hopes, mutually beneficial relationship ever since. Traditional romance is her focus, but she also enjoys the expanded plots possible with the Silhouette Special Edition line.

Arlene grew up on a ranch in Oklahoma and maintains close ties to the state, despite having lived many years in Texas and spending some years moving around the South. She loves this part of the country and the cowboy culture that it spawned. Currently she lives in a lovely, historical community south of Dallas.

Arlene was widowed at a young age, which is why she values her 20-plus-year marriage and that ongoing romance more highly than some women might. Her husband is certainly her truest friend, biggest fan, and very much a partner in her career, keeping track of many details for Arlene so she can concentrate on the part she loves, the writing. Moreover, Arlene is happy to say that he's read every word she’s ever published and is an invaluable source of feedback.

Writing has been the best of all possible careers for her. Now that her children are grown, she feels that her most productive years have arrived and she is excited all over again about what the future holds. God has truly blessed her in her family and friends, in her career and publisher, and the loyalty of her readers. Arlene says, "In one way or another, romance continues to be a huge part of my life."

Favourite Books:

Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry
Westering Man by Bil Gilbert
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
The Book of Kells by R. A. MacAvoy

Favourite Movies:

The Quiet Man

Favourite Songs:

Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty Suite and Garth Brooks-s version of "Shameless."

Author Writing Tip:

Waiting for inspiration to strike is a waste of time. Be disciplined. Work. The more you write, the more inspired you will become.

Author Romantic Tip:

Arlene learned to type sitting sideways so her baby boy could play in the kneehole of her desk!

Author Nationality: American
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