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Amy Andrews

Amy Andrews was the kind of child who always had a story in her head. English was her favourite subject at school and she loved to write. Trouble is, once she started it was hard to stop her. Her teachers would ask for 100 words on her pet and she’d write 1000. They’d say, “write a page describing your holiday” - and she’d write ten. Editing has been a real challenge for Amy!

When she was growing up her mother was always banging away on a typewriter, writing her own romance novel. It seemed, to Amy, a perfectly normal thing to do and was only natural for her, years later, to begin writing one herself - after all, she’d been sneaking off with her Mum’s romance novels from the age of 11.

Amy wrote her first romance in 10 days whilst temporarily out of work and freezing her butt off in her first English winter. Getting out of the warmth of her bed was not an option, so to fill in her time she wrote the book that had been in her head for years. One chapter a day, for ten days! Needless to say it was rejected although it is still how she tends to write to this day – a chapter in a sitting.

On her return to Australia, Amy discovered Medicals and, as a nurse, started to read them out of professional interest. After reading one where a doctor gave a patient a bed pan she was spurred to switch genres and have a go at writing a medical herself – never in all her years of nursing had she ever met a doctor who had or would even consider giving a patient a bed pan!!

In the “real world” Amy is a part-time Paediatric Intensive Care Nurse and mother of two. Her goal is to write twenty books by the time she’s forty.

Astrological Sign: Saggitarius
Favourite Books:

Wuthering Heights -Emily Bronte
Anne of Green Gables - L.M.Momtgommery
The Harry Potter books - J.K.Rowling
A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens
The Clan of the Cave Bear series - Jean Auel

Favourite Songs:

Living Next Door to Alice by Smokie. Very romantic.

Author Writing Tip:

Find a local like-minded writers group or critique partner and attend as many seminars, workshops and conferences as you can. The stuff you will learn about the market and the craft of writing will be invaluable.

Author Romantic Tip:

"You can edit a bad page but you can't edit a blank page".

Author Nationality: Australian
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