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Timeless Best Sellers
Aspiring Author
TITLE: Organize Your Mind Organize Your Life
AUTHOR: Paul Hammerness,MD,& Margaret Moore with John Hanc


The key to a less hectic, less stressful life is not in simply organizing your desk, but organizing your mind. Dr. Paul Hammerness, a Harvard Medical School psychiatrist, describes the latest neuroscience research on the brain’s extraordinary built-in system of organization. Margaret Moore,an executive wellness coach and codirector of the Institute of Coaching, translates the science into solutions.

This remarkable team shows you how to use the innate organizational power of your brain to make your life less stressful, more productive and rewarding. You’ll learn how to:

  • EMBRACE EFFECTIVE UNI-TASKING(Because multitasking coesn"t work!)


This groundbreaking guide is complete with stories of people who have learned to stop feeling powerless against multiplying distractions and start organizing their lives by organizing their minds.

TITLE: Countdown to Baby
AUTHOR: Aimee Chase

Admit it, as soon as you saw that little plus sign appear, you haven’t been able to think of anything else! You’re pregnant, overjoyed and maybe just a teeny bit nervous. Over the next nine months your baby and your body will grow and change miraculously. But not to worry: this keepsake journal will be there with the advice and encouragement you need to take good care of yourself and your baby over the next 266 days.

Every day, you’ll find:

  • Insight into your baby’s incredible growth
  • Information on your ever-changing body
  • Helpful tips for keeping your baby healthy
  • Ideas for pampering and taking care of yourself
  • A place to write down your thoughts and feelings


With space for your ultrasound images, photos of your growing belly and your own deepest wishes for your child, Countdown to Baby will help you remember every first from that first tiny heartbeat to baby’s very first kick. This book will be a beautiful keepsake of your earliest moments together.

TITLE: Trouble with Valentine
AUTHOR: Kelly Hunter

This Valentine’s, falling in love could be murder…

Hallie Bennett loves flirting with danger. So when a man with trouble written all over him walks  into her shoe shop, she finds him impossible to refuse.

Nick needs a ‘wife’ for a week to seal a Hong Kong business deal, Hallie needs £5,000. It might  not be the most traditional Valentine’s Day proposal, but she’s hardly a traditional girl...

Two beautiful (and borrowed) Tiffany rings later, and Hallie’s on her way to live the high life. But the trip comes with a deadly twist. Will Hallie survive the week with her body – and her heart – intact?

TITLE: Be My Valentine Vampire

Roses are red,
violets are blue…
this Valentine’s day
let a vampire
seduce you!

Five smoulderingly sensual vampires are ready for lust, love and debauchery.From the sizzling dance floors of Paris to the gothic playground of New Orleans, these demons are on the prowl for deliciously dangerous romance.

They’ll have to fight their own wicked urges, not to mention other dark supernatural forces, if they want it to be love at first bite!

Indulge your dark side with these sinfully hot short stories

TITLE: Rafe & Jared
AUTHOR: Nora Roberts

The Return of Rafe MacKade
Ten years after disappearing from Antietam, Maryland, the bad boy has returned. Cleaned up and successful now—and still dangerously good-looking—Rafe MacKade sets the town on fire, and tongues wagging.
Lovely newcomer Regan Jones is intrigued—what kind of man could cause this sort of talk? She's just about to find out.…
The Pride of Jared MacKade
He was a man who stood for something, and never turned his back on a fight. So when Jared MacKade's work as an attorney brought him up against Savannah Morningstar, her rude behavior and strong defenses weren't going to stop him.

TITLE: The Gift
AUTHOR: Nora Roberts

Home for Christmas
After years spent abroad, reporter Jason Law returned home determined to win back the heart of the girl he left behind. It would take all his skills—and then some—to convince Faith Monroe that he was the man for her. But this time, nothing would stand in his way. All he needed was a little faith!
All I Want for Christmas
Identical twin boys Zeke and Zach wished for only one gift from Santa this year: a new mom! But convincing their love-wary dad that their music teacher, Miss Davis, was his destiny and part of Santa's plan wasn't as easy as they'd hoped….

TITLE: Art of Deception
AUTHOR: Nora Roberts

Adam Haines was an artist visiting the Fairchild mansion to do some undercover digging, and that was a problem for a man who preferred to be straightforward. An even bigger problem was Kirby Fairchild, daughter of the world famous painter he'd been sent to investigate. She was part child, part elf, and the most fascinating woman he'd ever encountered.

However, Kirby had a disconcertingly fluid sense of right and wrong—one completely at odds with Adam's own code of ethics. Adam wished he wasn't wrapped quite so tightly around her little finger….

TITLE: Night Moves
AUTHOR: Nora Roberts

A lot of people who find something like that a stone's throw from their house would just pull up stakes and take off'. Some people had skeletons in their closets; Maggie Fitzgerald had one in her yard. She's retreated from her fast-paced life, seeking peace and solitude in the country. So she's horrified when landscaper Cliff Delaney uncovers human bones buried deep beneath her perfectly tended garden. The discovery shatters Maggie's peace entirely. A cold-blooded killer is still on the loose, putting Maggie's life in terrible danger - and her rural idyll is rapidly becoming a nightmare.

TITLE: The Return of Rafe MacKade
AUTHOR: Nora Roberts

The bad boy of the MacKade brothers has come home.

He has the whole Maryland town buzzing and not even reserved antiques dealer, Reagan Jones, could be completely immune to sexy Rafe MacKade. Lovely Reagan couldn’t help but be intrigued by the gorgeous businessman with a reputation for trouble but her plans didn’t include a relationship with a rebel.

Fall under the spell of New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts in this the first of her MacKade brother novels.

TITLE: Charmed
AUTHOR: Nora Roberts

Anastasia Donovan knew that her gift marked her as different, special - perhaps even dangerous. She had spent years hiding herself from the world, terrified about the consequences of revealing what she really was. When Boone Sawyer came into her life, bent on finding out the truth about her, Anastasia had to protect herself and her magic at all costs. She would keep her secrets whatever it took. Then she was confronted with a terrifying threat to everything she had learned to love. With a child's future at stake, Anastasia could not deny her powers, even if it meant risking her own life.

Passion. Power. Suspense.

It's time to fall under the spell of Nora Roberts.

TITLE: MacGregor Grooms
AUTHOR: Nora Roberts

There's nothing more important to a man than family. At least, that's what Daniel MacGregor believes! So he's found brides for his single, handsome eligible grandsons - after all, they're showing no signs of settling down themselves...DC MacGregor has never met a woman he couldn't forget. Until Layna gets under his skin and into his heart. Duncan Blade is a gambler and a playboy. Then Cat Farrell walks on to his riverboat and he takes the biggest risk of his life - on love. Ian MacGregor is calm and controlled. He's ready to settle down, but Naomi's innocence throws him totally off-balance. Daniel's plans are working - these three gorgeous grooms should get ready to say goodbye to their bachelor ways

TITLE: Right Path
AUTHOR: Nora Roberts

Her scream froze in her throat, locked there by terror. She had never seen death before not unpampered, staring death. Midnight on an unspoilt Greek island. Returning from a peaceful moonlit swim, Morgan James has a shocking and frightening encounter. A dark, dangerous stranger threatens her with a knife, ordering her to keep quiet about his presence on the cliff-top. Mysteriously, he lets her go unharmed. The next day, Morgan meets the same man, but this time he is  visiting her hosts. Are the people she is staying with mixed up with a drug-smuggling ring? Answering this question turns into a matter of life and death when Morgan finds a body on the beach  and her sunny Greek paradise becomes a place of stark terror.

TITLE: Skin Deep
AUTHOR: Nora Roberts

Chantel O'Hurley has parlayed talent, breathtaking beauty - and indomitable will - into stardom. But though she needs Quinn Doran's protection now, the sexy, cynical P.I. utterly infuriates her . . . threatening to melt her icy façade and ignite her heart.

TITLE: Magic of Home
AUTHOR: Nora Roberts

Come home to the one you love. Come home to the magic of Nora Roberts. "HOME FOR CHRISTMAS" Jason Law is finally ready to return to Quiet Valley. Ten years is a long time to have left the one place and the one person he loved. No longer satisfied with just the memories of Faith Kirkpatrick now he wants to win her back. But Faith has new responsibilities, ones too precious to trust to someone unable to put down roots. Jason has till Christmas to prove he's staying, he's come home to the one he loves. "SEARCH FOR LOVE" Arriving at her long-lost relatives grand estate, Serenity Smith finds herself greeted with polite disregard by the Comtesse de Kergallen and her darkly handsome grandson, Christophe. Scandalous stories circulate about her late parents that Serenity determines to prove false. Perhaps then the enigmatic Christophe will accept her and acknowledge the attraction flaring between them!

TITLE: Hazy Summer Nights
AUTHOR: Nora Roberts

Make your summer special with Nora Roberts

Rules of the Game

Brooke Gordon’s temperature is rising and it’s not because of the steaming Los Angeles sun.  Her latest job is directing sports hero Parks Jones in a series of adverts. Parks is insufferable,  with an inflated ego she’s dying to pop. His smile may be infectious, but she won’t be letting on.  There are no rules to this game – let the best man/woman win!

The Name of the Game

Growing up in show business isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. Johanna Patterson  learned her life lessons the hard way and isn’t interested in a relationship – particularly with  an actor. This summer the much-adored Sam Weaver will appear on her TV show in order to  promote his current movie. Johanna is determined to succeed where other women fail and  resist the gorgeous super-star.

TITLE: Taming Natasha
AUTHOR: Nora Roberts

It had been a long time since she’d taken a risk.
Perhaps the time was here.

When Spence Kimball’s little daughter was wowed by the toys in Natasha Stanislaski’s store, the single father found himself equally floored by the exotic beauty of the owner. But the former ballet dancer turned toyshop owner had a fiery temperament that kept men safely at bay.

Sensing a hidden wound, Spence and his little girl joined forces to find a way into her closely guarded heart. Will the sexy single dad be the one man capable of taming Natasha?

Fall under the spell of New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts

TITLE: Irish Rebel
AUTHOR: Nora Roberts

He couldn’t resist seeing if there was any fire behind that wall of ice.

She’s practically royalty – the daughter of a rich, renowned horse-breeding dynasty. He’s just a hardworking horse trainer. But the moment Brian Donnelly lays eyes on Keeley Grant he’s thunderstruck – no matter how far out of his league she is...

He’s the first person to dare to ignore everything that says a poor Irish rogue shouldn’t touch her. He won’t be deterred by her cold, pampered princess reputation and batters down every wall she throws at him. But a wild thing by nature cannot be contained, not by convention or fences or even by love. How can Keeley give him everything he wants if, in the end, he’s just going to walk away?

Fall under the spell of New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts

TITLE: Rebellion
AUTHOR: Nora Roberts

Scotland, 1745. Against the bloody background of the Battle of Culloden, another war is waging – the price is honour, the victory, love.

Vivacious Scottish beauty Serena MacGregor could never love an Englishman. Since she watched the attack on her mother she has vowed defiance. Her brother’s friend Brigham Langston is no exception – despite his shocking good looks and supposed loyalty to the Scottish cause – she can give him nothing but disdain.

One look at the fiery red-head has Brigham captivated. A sensational mix of rapier-sharp tongue and angelic beauty – he can’t let Serena slip away. After all there’s nothing the English lord likes more than a challenge. Proving himself worthy of the MacGregor family’s respect will be a pleasure. Winning this remarkable young woman’s heart is one war he’ll happily wage.

From New York Times bestselling author
Nora Roberts… A sumptuous historical saga.
A captivating, tempestuous love affair.

TITLE: Cosidering Kate
AUTHOR: Nora Roberts

'I told you I wasn’t interested.'

'Yes, you did. But you lied.'

Kate Stanislaski Kimball had turned her back on glamour and fame and she’d come home to begin a new life. The only thing more perfect than the beautiful – dilapidated – building she’d bought for her new dance school was Brody O’Connell, the frustrating but annoyingly intriguing contractor she’d hired for the renovation.

But Brody was determined to resist Kate’s effortless allure. She was Natasha Stanislaski’s pampered, perfect daughter, after all. Still, every fibre of his being longed to make her his…

Fall under the spell of New York Times
bestselling author Nora Roberts

TITLE: Waiting for Nick
AUTHOR: Nora Roberts

‘I just can’t take it in. Little Freddie, all grown up.’

Frederica Kimball had been waiting all her life...
waiting to grow up…waiting forever for the day when infamous bad boy Nicholas LeBeck would fall as desperately in love with her as she had always
been with him.

Nick didn’t know what had hit him. Sweet, adorable Freddie, whom he’d always loved like a kid sister, was suddenly all woman. And his feelings for her
were anything but brotherly!

Fall under the spell of New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts

TITLE: The Pride of Jared MacKade
AUTHOR: Nora Roberts

The stranger with a past

Smouldering lawyer Jared MacKade was a man who stood for something and never turned his back on a fight. So when his work brought him up against Savannah Morningstar, her incendiary attitude wasn’t going to stop him. She was a stubborn, sultry siren with secrets; the type of strong woman who defeated the odds, even when they were brutally stacked against her.

Fall under the spell of New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts and her MacKade brothers.

TITLE: Sea Glass

Like the colorful pieces of sea glass washed up on shore, Opal has weathered rough waters and twisting currents. But instead of finding a tranquil eddy, Opal is caught in a riptide. Her unique glass messengers which allow instant communication over vast distances have become a vital part of Sitian society. Once used solely by the Councilors and magicians, other powerful factions are now vying for control. Control of the messengers equals control of Sitia. Unfortunately that also means control of Opal.

If that isn’t enough of a problem, Opal’s determination to prove blood magic is still being used is met with strong resistance. The Council doubts her, her mentor doubts her, and even her family is concerned. When her world is turned upside down, she begins to doubt herself. In the end, Opal must decide who to believe, who to trust, and who has control—otherwise she will shatter into a million pieces and be swept out by the tide.

TITLE: Spy Glass

After siphoning her own blood magic in the showdown at Hubal, Opal Cowan has lost her powers. She can no longer create glass magic. More, she's immune to the effects of magic. Opal is now an outsider looking in, spying through the glass on those with the powers she once had, powers that make a difference in the world.

Until spying through the glass becomes her new power. Suddenly, the beautiful pieces she makes flash in the presence of magic. And then she discovers that someone has st olen some of her blood—and that finding it might let her regain her powers. Or learn if they're lost forever…

TITLE: Storm Glass

As a glassmaker and a magician-in-training, Opal Cowen understands trial by fire. Now it's time to test her mettle. Someone has sabotaged the Storm dancer clan's glass orbs, killing their most powerful magicians. The Storm dancers—particularly the mysterious and mercurial Kade—require Opal's unique talents to prevent it happening again. But when the mission goes awry, Opal must tap in to a new kind of magic as stunningly potent as it is frightening. And the further she delves into the intrigue behind the glass and magic, the more distorted things appear. With lives hanging in the balance—including her own—Opal must control powers she hadn't known she possessed…powers that might lead to disaster beyond anything she's ever known.



Avry’s power to heal the sick should earn her respect in the plague-torn land of Kazan.  Instead she is feared. Her kind are blamed for the horrifying disease that has taken hold of the nation.

When Avry uses her forbidden magic to save a dying child, she faces the guillotine. Until a dark, mysterious man rescues her from her prison cell. His people need Avry’s  magic to save their dying prince. The very prince who first unleashed the plague on Kazan.

Saving the prince is certain to kill Avry – yet she already faces a violent death. Now  she must choose –use her healing touch to show the ultimate mercy or die a martyr to a lost cause?

TITLE: After Moonrise


Curtis Raef can channel the most violent of emotions. His power has solved hundreds of police  investigations. But his gift comes with a curse… cynical, hard and alone, he’s burning out fast. Then Lauren Wilcox arrives with a haunting case: her murdered twin sister is communing with  Lauren’s spirit. Raef’s the only one who can help. But which twin does he want to save?


The picture Aurora Harper’s painting is so disturbing she’s convinced she’s witnessed a  murder and suppressed the memory. Now she needs Detective Levi Reid to help her track  down the victim – and the killer. But Levi’s dealing with his own issues, blacking out for no  reason at all. They’ll step into the dark together…but are they ready for what they might find?


TITLE: Park Avenue Secrets
AUTHOR: Barbara Dunlop, Emilie Rose, Anna Depalo

the ultimate address for high-society secrets & affairs!

After the Honeymoon…
A sexy billionaire husband, a gorgeous penthouse and money to burn. Great fringe benefits, but Elizabeth Wellington would have liked to see the man she married; Reed made her body burn, but what secrets was he keeping? Were they ready for a bundle of joy?
Hot Pursuit
Millionaire legal eagle Alex Harper hired Amanda because he was very interested in her. She knew she was playing with fire, but she deserved to let loose for just one night. It would be just one night…
Billionaire’s Maid
Rich, powerful Gage Lattimer in Penthouse B might have known her sister, so Jacinda took a job as his live-in maid. She’d hunt for the truth by day and fight her attraction to the sexy, secretive billionaire by night!
TITLE: Park Avenue Scandals

 – the ultimate address for top-price
 secrets & affairs!

Secret Pregnancy

Manhattan millionaire Max Rolland didn’t do relationships…until a one-night fling had a surprising result. He suggested a temporary marriage. For one year. That way he’d have an heir and a sexy bed-mate.

Front Page Engagement

Media mogul Trent Tanford has one week to find a wife… or lose his empire. But none of his New York flings would do. However, the innocent house-sitter next door, Carrie Gray, just might. How was he going to propose to this total stranger?

Prince’s Seduction

Crown prince, billionaire businessman and bachelor Sebastian Stone needs his assistant Tessa Banks to hold his life together. So, to stop her leaving him, he’ll shower her in sensual pleasures and jewels.

TITLE: Unfinished Business

They’re working on romance!


When Cally buys Blake at a bachelor auction, she has no idea what to do with him – so she puts the sexy businessman to work! But one weekend just isn’t enough...
She was only meant to be making her best friend’s wedding cake! Now Amy is planning the wedding. Her friend’s big brother, millionaire Jared, is forced to roll up his sleeves to help – and Amy is proving a potent distraction.
When Celeste discovers her family business has been sold to Benton, she’s determined to get it back. But gorgeous Benton sets her pulse racing and her carefully laid plans lead her to just one place – his bed!
TITLE: Secrets
AUTHOR: Penny Jordan,India Grey

Penny Jordan & IndIa Grey Powerful, dramatic writers

Her secret fantasy

Shamed by her teenage infatuation with Ranulf Carrington, Sylvie knew it was important that he understand they were now meeting on equal terms. Her body still ached for him and maybe Ran  would never come to love her, but she knew she’d do almost anything for just one night in his arms.

Could her innocent allure tame the devil?

Dangerously handsome Olivier Moreau has everything: power, money, and endless women  warming his bed. But he is still hungry for revenge. What better vengeance than to seduce  innocent Bella Lawrence? But when cold revenge turns to red-hot passion, Olivier finds he  has no intention of letting her go…

TITLE: Notorious
AUTHOR: Emma Darcy,Melanie Milburne

Emma Darcy & Melanie Milburne Brilliant Australian Authors

A Little White Lie

Jenny Kent has been living her life as Bella Rossini – and  ruthless tycoon Dante Rossini has  come to take Bella  home. Discovering Jenny’s innocent deception, he insists she visit Capri.  He drapes her in designer dresses and diamonds; as a Rossini, she has a public role to play –  as well as the private arrangement Dante is demanding…

Joined by a Promise

Italian playboy Marco Marcolini has decided that, for baby Molly’s sake, her nanny Sabrina  must accept his proposal. He thinks he’s marrying an experienced golddigger – when in fact  his forced bride is as pure and unblemished as the diamonds that bind her!

TITLE: Priceless
AUTHOR: Sharon Kendrick,Jennie Lucas

Sharon Kendrick & Jennie Lucas Fantastic, sizzling writers

From Cleaner to Mistress

Salvatore Cardini had asked his petite office cleaner to be his convenient girlfriend! Jessica  couldn’t say no – he was on the international rich list, with the glamorous lifestyle to match,  while she was working two jobs just to survive. But Jessica hadn’t realised her role wasn’t just  being on his arm in public – but his mistress in private, too!

Pregnant with Amnesia!

Eve Craig fell under the spell of Greek tycoon Talos Xenakis in a hot and steamy encounter in  Athens. Three months later and Eve has no memory, is pregnant and has aroused Talos’s  fury. Betrayal and desire war within him, but while Eve carries his child, she is safe in his arms…

TITLE: A Puppy for Christmas

3 Band -New Christmas Romances with Canine Charm!


Bree has landed an amazing job but her new boss is a di cult,unreliable playboy – who is also infuriatingly gorgeous…When Bree looks a er Jackson’s son and energetic puppy,she realises what she wants this Christmas…


Ingrid has to spend Christmas with gorgeous zookeeper Gabriel Marque. ey need to keep  watch for the zoo’s rst litter of wild dogs. Will the patter of tiny paws bring them together, this time forever?


Christmas is a di cult time for war hero Trey McFadden and it doesn’t help that his neighbour,  Ella Delancey, and her adorable puppy, Fizz, seem determined on spreading festive cheer.

AUTHOR: Heidi Rice

New York Hollywood...Pregnant

If her landlady's cat hadn't gone missing and Connor Brody had bothered to return her messages asking for help in the search,Daisy Dean wouldn't have been sneaking around his garden at night - and he would never have caught her in her underwear!

But Connor's quite pleased with his scantily clad intruder.His business deal is about to fall through because the trophy wife of a potential US investar fancies him - maybe Daisy could make it up to him by accompanying him to NYC?

Sharing a Portobello Road market stall with Daisy,Juno's been hearing all about Connor's brother Mac.A Hollywood actor with a shocking reputation.So when he turns up unexpectedly at a wedding,Juno plans to act all aloof.But the best laid plans often go awry!Suddenly she's front page news and the only place to hide out is Mac's LA pad.

What 's the worst that could happen?

AUTHOR: Kelly Hunter

The search for Mr Right has only just begun...

Madeline Delacourte is having the time of her life in Singapore. Young, free and  absolutely single.Rich-as-rich-can-be she wants for nothing, especially not an  annoyingly complicated relationship…but doesn’t all work and no play make for a very dull girl?

Fresh off the plane, Jianne Xang-Bennett wants a man,preferably a tall, dark stranger, to help her get out of an awkward fix! Or should Jianne be careful what she wishes for?

Over Singapore Slings these two single girls are tempted to throw caution to the  wind. Should someone remind them that holiday romances never last…or would  that spoil all the fun?

Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Carmen Reid

TITLE: Confessions of an Angry Girl
AUTHOR: Louise Rozett

This is a story about ROSE.

About the occasional panic attack and being fourteen in the suburbs without a mobile phone.


Rose’s first year at Union High isn’t exactly going to plan. Her family’s broken, her supposed best friend’s going boy crazy and Rose is so far behind socially that she might as well be moving backwards.

Until her brother’s friend Jamie offers her a ride home – and a way into the world of his popular clique – if only it weren’t for his perfect cheerleader girlfriend. Now Rose is learning how to climb the wobbly high-school social ladder, while struggling to hang on to what matters the most…

TITLE: Trilogy - Seduce
AUTHOR: Cara Summers & Leslie Kelly

The Proposition by Cara Summers

Secret agent Chance Mitchell has craved strong, sexy Natalie ever since they worked together undercover. So he makes a proposition she can’t refuse: all the pleasure she can handle – for one night only.

Wickedly Hot by Leslie Kelly

Ryan Stoddard can describe Jade Maguire in two words: wickedly hot. But even though Jade turns him on, Ryan can’t be distracted from his mission – to prove the sultry siren is a conniving thief!

TITLE: Surrender
AUTHOR: Cara Summers

Too much of a good thing is never enough with these brand-new red-hot reads!


When journalist Rory Gibbs gets an interview with the reclusive tycoon Jared Slade,  she never could have guessed that Jared’s bodyguard, Mark Hunter, will tempt her with a kiss…and another…and another…


While at a wedding, Cecily Connaught is determined to break her sexual dry spell  and seduce a man, but fears she’s forgotten how. Gorgeous Will Murchison would  be the perfect one-night stand – but is he really available?

TITLE: Satisfy
AUTHOR: Cara Summers & Kristin Gabriel

These brand-new sizzling stories will give you exactly what you want…


Professor Sierra Gibbs didn’t realise a speed date could lead to a thrilling adventure!  The earth-shattering kiss from sexy Ryder Kane isn’t the only thing that has Sierra’s  heart pumping… but she’s enjoying every minute of it.


Gracie Dawson’s fantasy comes true when she seduces Gilbert Holloway, her  former best friend. There’s only one problem – Gilbert isn’t Gilbert. His real name is  Zack Maddox and he’s investigating the missing Holloway for criminal activities!

TITLE: Shades of Surrender-BOUND
AUTHOR: Tiffany Reisz,Lisa Renee Jones,Alegra Verde,Adelaide Cole,Elisa Adams,Portia da Costa


Fifty Shades whet your appetite? Now it’s time to experiment. Discover six shades of discipline,  from a lighter grey to dark-as-night and fi nd out whether your inner goddess wants to play naughty… or nice!

Featuring exceptionally talented authors Tiffany Reisz, Lisa Renee Jones, Alegra Verde,  Adelaide Cole, Elisa Adams and Portia da Costa, these powerful, liberating love stories will stay  with you long after the final page is turned.

TITLE: 12 Shades of Surrender-UNDONE
AUTHOR: Megan Hart, Anne Calhoun, Alison Tyler, Emelia Elmwood, Eden Bradley and Saskia Walker

Discover Whether Your Inner Goddess Likes To Play Naughty...Or Nice

Explore six shades of Grey-style romance – from a woman’s first discovery of her wild side, to what happens when secret fantasy becomes searing, spectacular reality…

Featuring renowned erotica authors Megan Hart, Anne Calhoun, Alison Tyler, Emelia Elmwood, Eden Bradley and Saskia Walker, these powerful, liberating love stories will stay with you long after the final page is turned.

AUTHOR: Megan Hart


This is your first list. You will follow each instruction perfectly. There is no margin for error. Your reward will be my attention and command.

The anonymous note wasn’t for me. It was just a piece of paper with a few lines  scrawled on it. The black looping letters looked so innocent. They were not.

Before the note, if a man had told me what to do, I’d have told him where to go. But  now I’m learning that submission is an art. Doing someone’s bidding is…exciting,  liberating – even addictive.

TITLE: Tempted
AUTHOR: Megan Hart

I Had Everything A Women Could Want

My husband, James.The house on the lake.Our perfect life.and then alex came to visit.

The first time i saw my husband’s best friend, i didn’t like him. didn’t like how his penetrating eyes followed me everywhere. didn’t like how James changed when he was around. But that didn’t stop me from wanting him.

it was meant to be fun. Something the three of us shared through those hot summer weeks alex stayed with us. nobody was supposed to fall in or out of love. after all, we had a perfect life. and i loved my husband.

But i wasn’t the only one.

TITLE: Broken
AUTHOR: Megan Hart

Have You Ever Craved Someone's Touch?

Even when you know it's wrong? I have I knew.

And I Did It AnyWay.

'Sensual and impassioned...Unforgettable'


Some love stories you never forget

She tore herself from the man she adored, who transformed her, who possessed  her…who would have destroyed her.

Now she is adored by a man she must not have.

Some books will change your world

She thinks she knows what it means to be pushed to her limits. She’s wrong.

Be prepared...this is one of them


She wanted him…

Nora Sutherlin is hiding. On paper, she’s following her master’s orders – and her
flesh is willing.

More deeply, more strongly than she’d wanted anyone

But her mind is wandering to a man from her past, whose hold on her heart is less  bruising, but whose absence is no less painful. Instead of letting him make love to her, she’d let him go.

This is the story of a summer that proves that love hurts

TITLE: The Prince

One man taught her to love

She left her old life for him. Now Nora is torn in two, wanting to fi t into this new, innocent  relationship, yet relentlessly hungering for her darker self…and Søren, the man she left behind.

One man taught her to obey

While Nora’s trying on innocence for size, Søren is stepping ever further into decadence,  determined to block out the agony of watching Nora walk away. Will she ever choose to return to  their life of glorious, addictive sin?

Which man would you crave?

The Original Sinners
The Siren The Angel The Prince The Mistress

TITLE: In The Flesh
AUTHOR: Portia Da Costa

Victorian society already believes she’s a scarlet woman

Beatrice Weatherly’s reputation is in tatters. With scandalous pictures of her being  scrutinised by the ton and her brother running them into debt, Beatrice’s only hope – a  respectable marriage – is dashed. Then powerful, wealthy Edmund Ellsworth Ritchie  offers an indecent proposal: for one month of hedonistic servitude, he’ll pay off her brother’s debts.

But nothing can prepare Beatrice for the worst, for discovering that she enjoys her  degradation and delights in the dark fantasies that Edmund has awakened. In fact,  she’s fast becoming addicted to a life – and a man – that can never wholly be hers.

Why not become one?

TITLE: Nice Girls Finish Last
AUTHOR: Natalie Anderson

Once she was bad…

After one wild and heartbreaking affair in her past,Lena is now very, very good. She  prides herself on her iron self-control – working for the hottest rugby team in New  Zealand, it’s all testosterone but no touching!

But he’s tempting her to be wicked…

Spending day-in-day-out in the boys’ locker rooms,Lena thinks she’s immune to even the most honed set of abs. Then Seth saunters into her life, and suddenly her inner bad girl is back in the game…

TITLE: Runaway Bride
AUTHOR: Barbara Hannay

Your sexy ex roars up in a red sports car and offers to sweep you away from the mess  you’ve made of your life…

Well, wouldn’t you?

With her wedding plans in tatters, and the local grapevine ablaze, Bella Shaw is  getting out of town and speeding across country with gorgeous, dangerous Damon  Cavello. Bella’s been playing it safe for far too long – and now her brooding rebel
is back in her life it’s time to go wild!

TITLE: Bridesmaid Says,"I Do!"
AUTHOR: Barbara Hannay

Bridesmaid's To-Do List:

a) Smile and pretend to love your hideous dress

b) Be patient as your best friend turns into Bridezilla

c) Do not fall for the groom!

Thrilled to be Bella's bridesmaid, Zoe throws herself into her duties. But meeting the groom himself, stop-and-stare-sexy farmer Kent Rigby,ruins everything...

What happens when you find the man of your dreams and he belong's to someone else?

TITLE: The Fiancee Fiasco
AUTHOR: Jackie Braun

Bending the Rules of Engagement…

Thomas Waverly, successful CEO and serial dater,is anything but a push-over. But  what’s a man to do when pinned by the wistful, trembling eyes of his ‘frail’ but secretly  wily grandmother, who is uttering the dreaded words ‘Before I die...’?

Emotional blackmail at its most effective... Looks as if Thomas needs to fi nd a fake fi ancée – and fast!

Elizabeth Morris is looking for a way to save her charity, so when she’s  offered a deal – a pretend proposal for piles of cash – it seems harmless enough! Convince one little old lady that she’s deeply in love – how hard can  it be? Worr yingly, when your ‘groom’ is this gorgeous, there’s a fi ne line between faking it and falling for real…

TITLE: Confessions of a Girl Next-Door
AUTHOR: Jackie Braun

Secret history of a girl-next-door

Nate Matthews seems to have it all.He's rich,lives on a beautiful island and is lethally attractive to the opposite sex! Yet underneath he's restless and feels as if something's missing.Then his childhood friend returns - the girl-next-door who'd kept a royal secret...

Hollyn Saldani has changed.Gone are the freckles and cheeky grin-now she's a calm,cool princess,with her coronation just around the corner.But one thing's stayed the same: Holly's still keeping secrets! She's not ready for full-time princessing,and seeing the boy she remembers all-grown-up(and gorgeous!)reminds her how fun ordinary can be..

TITLE: The Secret Princess
AUTHOR: Jessica Hart

'Perfect' princess goes AWOL!

Frustrated with the merry-go-round of political dinners and enforced good behaviour, Lotty's determined to try on a normal life for size...

..but she's completely unprepared for her new boss.Corran McKenna,an impossible,ridiculously sexy grump who makes no allowances-especially for secret princesses!

Sick to the royal back teeth with people bowing and scraping,Lotty's fine with Corran's frowns-it's his wicked grin that causes trouble! A no-strings fling with the only man who's ever seen the real rather than the royal her is irresistible-but what will happen when her secret becomes headline news?

TITLE: Cupcakes and Killer Heels
AUTHOR: Heidi Rice

Ruby Delisantro never blushes...

...but after one glance from the infuriating Callum Westmore's bedroom eyes she's flushed redder than a glace cherry.Her body has the right idea,for now Callum's convertible has crashed into her life nothing will ever be the same...

Cupcake baker Ruby has always been in the driving seat when it comes to relationships,but something tells her that Callum sees straight through her snappy one-liners to her soft-as-buttercream heart beneath.For Ruby's in danger of losing control and-worse still-of liking it!

TITLE: Cracking the Dating Code
AUTHOR: Kelly Hunter

A Crash Course in Flirtation…

Poppy West – genius and legendary code-cracker – needs a hideaway. Her borrowed  deser t island seems perfect – until she discovers the owner is the most dangerously  sexy man she has ever laid eyes on… Now she’s out of her depth!

Sebastian Reyne never intended to teach Poppy all the delightful, enticing  mysteries of fl irtation. Poppy needs a nice man, not a rogue. A patient man, not one who can’t be  controlled. But her clueless attempts at cracking the dating code bring out the  rescuer in him, the teacher in him, even the gentleman in him. For a while.

Until Poppy’s skills start to exceed his own...

TITLE: Girl Most Likely To
AUTHOR: Poonam Sharma

Success is all in
how you define it

With meticulous career planning and a couple of dirty martinis, there is very little that New York City investment banker Vina Chopra can’t do. And now that she’s decided to get serious about finding her mate, there is very little that Vina won’t try—even if it means letting her parents get involved. After all, what does she have to lose? Her longest-term relationship thus far has been with the ulcer she ultimately
named Fred (unless you count the ex-boyfriend who won’t go away).

Amid a series of dates with “the nice Indian doctor” and an office scandal that could permanently end her career,Vina starts to question everything she’s been working for. Who has she been trying to please all these years? Is this the life that she really wants? Can she finally learn to put aside her family’s expectations long enough and become the girl most likely to find a happiness all her own?

Based in New York, Poonam Sharma is a MBA from
The Wharton School of Business, & doubles her passion
of writing as a real estate developer!

TITLE: All eyes on her
AUTHOR: Poonam Sharma

In this town nice gets you nowhere…

ALL EYES ON HER Poonam Sharma Based in New York, Poonam Sharma is a MBA from The Wharton School of Business, & doubles her passion of writing as a real estate developer! As a junior associate at the most-sought-after marital mediation and divorce boutique in Beverly Hills, Monica is part mediator, part lawyer, part marriage therapist and all celebrity babysitter. She’s so good at her job that she’s handling the firm’s superstar clients Cameron and Lydia Johnson—Hollywood. It couple Camydia. Although things would be easier if the only other female associate would stop sabotaging her career, and if the drama queen she refers to as mother wasn’t moving back home!

When the latest Camydia scandal breaks wide open, it’s time for Monica to save the day, to don her Prada cape and matching bag, then wreak havoc on her office rival and run circles around the paparazzi.

Everyone’s watching to see what Monica will do…hey, are those claws on that French manicure?

TITLE: REGENCY Rogues A Lover's Kiss
AUTHOR: Margaret Moore

Rescued by the Enemy…

Sir Douglas Drury was a spy during the Napoleonic war and has the scars, and  enemies, to show for it. When he is set upon in a London street, he fi nds it hard to be  grateful because his rescuer is not only a woman, but French into the bargain! Juliette  Bergerine has learned to keep herself safe by avoiding undue attention, but now she’s thrown herself into the arms of danger…

"Moore continues to captivate with her latest historical....The confl ict pulls readers in,  and the villain is most defi nitely a surprise.”
– Romantic Times"

TITLE: REGENCY Runaways The Viscount's Kiss
AUTHOR: Margaret Moore

A Penniless Guest…

Lord Bromwell has a strong sense of duty and, when he realises the beautiful ‘Lady  Eleanor Springford’ is fl eeing a desperate situation, he does the honourable thing  and off ers her refuge at his country estate. Except he has no idea Eleanor is really  plain Nell Springley, an impoverished lady’s companion on the run and their fl edgling
relationship is a scandal in the making.

“Moore continues to captivate with her latest historical....The confl ict pulls readers in,  and the villain is most defi nitely a surprise.”
– Romantic Times onA Lover’s Kiss

TITLE: REGENCY Reputations Secret Heiress
AUTHOR: Anne Herries

A Shocking Choice

With his handsome good looks and rakish reputation Daniel, Lord Seaton knows he’s  a draw for any number of eligible young misses. One of whom he must marry for  money! Eliza Bancroft is the lucky lady’s companion who has caught his eye. She  would dearly love to succumb to Daniel’s sweet fl irtations, but propriety stops her.  Eliza is illegitimate; hardly ideal wife material for a man such as Daniel!

“This fast-paced story is perfect for readers looking for a spin on the traditional ‘won in  a wager’ marriage set-up…”
– RT Book Reviews on Bartered Bride

TITLE: REGENCY Gambles Bartered Bride
AUTHOR: Anne Herries

An Innocent Gamble…

Her hand in marriage traded in a game of cards, innocent Lottie becomes engaged to  the ruthless womaniser Lord Rothsay. But  when her true identity is fi nally revealed,  Rothsay should have no qualms about ending the farce. Or has Lottie’s sweet nature
finally tamed the ruthless Rothsay, who suddenly wants to turn his inconvenient fi ancée into a wife for real!

“This fast-paced story is perfect for readers looking for a spin on the traditional ‘won in  a wager’ marriage set-up…”
– RT Book Reviews

TITLE: Regency Secrets
AUTHOR: Sylvia Andrew

She intrigued him...

Edward Barraclough's happy bachelor existence is thrown into a spin when he is forced to look after his two orphaned nieces. Employing the right governess is vital. Miss petrie has the girls' support, while he has reservations. unassuming and a little dowdy she may appear, but Edward suspects she's neither so humble nor respectful underneath!

Independently wealthy Lady Octavia Petrie is on the verge of confessing that Edward has mistaken her for someone else. In amoment of sheer madness, prompted by his cynical attitude, she finds herself accepting the temporary position. From Lady to simple Miss-what has she let herself in for?

'This quick-paced "lady in disguise" romance is a light, fun read with lots of endearing characters.'
RT Book Review on A Very Unusual Governess

TITLE: Regency Rebels
AUTHOR: Mary Brendan

Miss Silver Meredith, Beautiful, just eighteen... and vulnerable to the worst sort of scandal after an attempted elopement goes wrong. Her reputation and her future depend on the silence of one man...

Adam, Marquess of Rockingham. A rake from the most notorious of noble families, he's ruthless, charming and dangerous. He's also still smarting about a graceless rejection from the only woman to whom he's ever proposed marriage, the only woman he's ever loved-Silver Meredith.

And now Silver's fate is in Adam's hands...

'Accomplished talent Mary Brendan is very adept at telling both sides of a love story, which easily doubles the reader's pleasure.'
RT Book Reviews

TITLE: Regency Rumours
AUTHOR: Anne Ashley

He would claim his meant-to-be bride!

Spirited tomboy Bethany Ashworth had always adored her childhood friend Philip Stavely. His Betrothal to her cousin destroyed her innocent dreams...

Years later, time has changed them both. finishing school has transformed Bethany into a stunningly beautiful and elegant woman, while tragedy has made Philip society's most eligible man once again.

This time Bethany will protect her heart, but Philip now knows exactly what he wants - and he's determined to marry the woman he should have swept up the aisle six years ago!

'... Ashley captivates with a tale of intrigue, mystery, suspense and romance that has a delightful resolution.'
RT Book Reviews on Miss in a Man's World

TITLE: Regency Desires
AUTHOR: Louise Allen

Would she be his bride?

Hebe Carlton had little idea of her own charm until Major Alex Beresford arrived on the island of Malta.She made no attempt to cast out lures and treated him with warm practicality,showing an insight and ability to read him that few others had managed.His attentions made Hebe blossom,and her stepmother began to entertain hopes of wedding.

Then a letter arrived for Alex.The proposal of marriage he'd made to another before ever meeting Hebe had been accepted at last.He should be happy..But now Alex could only contemplate marrying one person-and it wasn't his betrothed!

'With her well-developed characters,Allen writes an appealing sensual and emotionally rich love story.'
RT Book Reviews on The Earls Intended Wife

TITLE: Regency Revenge
AUTHOR: Mary Brendan

Rachel Meredith is beautiful,witty and heir to her family estate.But,despite all this,she is still a spinster,having jilted handsome Major Connor Flinte.When her father loses the house to Connor-now the Earl of Devane-in a card game,Rachel is desperate to get her home back.But Connor wants revenge for the wedding night he never had.

'Accomplished talent Mary Brendan is very adept at telling both sides of a love story,which easily doubles the reader's pleasure
RT Book Reviews

TITLE: Regency Mischief
AUTHOR: Louise Allen

Running Away From Love!

Miss Joanna Fulgrave has turned herself into the perfect society catch to be worthy of dashing Colonel Giles Gregory.But all her hard effort to improve herself comes to nothing when it looks as if Giles is about to propose-to someone else!

Deciding that bad behaviour is infinitely more attractive than perfection,Joanna flees her shocked family.Giles is hot on her trail,determined to catch her and bring her safely home.But will he be as determined to make her his bride?

"...sensual and emotionally rich love story."
-Romantic Times BOOKclub

TITLE: Regency Improprieties

They call her the Wanton Widow...

Breathtakingly beautiful Lady Eloise Allyngham scandalises and seduces the ton in equal measure.With all of London falling at her feet,wagers abound over who will capture the fast,flirtatious,disgraceful Lady Eloise-and her fortune...

Dashing Major Jack Clifton has vowed to watch over his late comrade's wife,but her beauty fires his blood,and her behaviour intrigues him even further.Only the lady is not what she seems,and jack must discover the secret she fiercely hides if he is to protect her...

"Sarah Mallory's name is set to become a favourite with readers of historical romantic fiction the world over!"
-Julie Bonello,Cataromance

TITLE: Regency Scandals
AUTHOR: Anne Ashley

Viscount Blackwood left home amidst a blaze of scandal.Accused of killing his father and brother,he was saved from the gallows by the testimony of a girl he'd never met...

Nine years later Sebastian can return,but the notorious viscount has unfinished business.It's lucky that Miss Isabel Mortimer is now both heart-stoppingly beautiful and his a penchant for sleuthing...

Not only must sebastian find the real culprit-it looks as if he'll find the perfect wife,too!

'Anne Ashley captivates with a tale of intrigue,mystery,suspense and romance that has a delightfull resolution.'
RT Book Reviews

TITLE: Regency Brides

Back in her husband's bed! Felicity's husband,dashing Major Nathan Carraway,has disappeared into war-torn Spain.Left alone,Felicity discovers a dark secret behind her whirlwind marriage and fless to England!By day she banishes every thought of her husband,but by night she's haunted by memories of their intensely passionate wedding night..Five years on,Felicity has just taken the hand of a dangerously handsome dance partner.She's about to come face with her commanding husband-back to claim his runaway bride!

"Sarah Mallory's name is set to become a favourite with readers of historical romantic fiction the world over"
-Julie Bonello,Cataromance

TITLE: Regency Intrigue
AUTHOR: Mary Brendan

A single passionate night has come back to haunt Colonel Etienne Hauke.He has a son -by a disgraced Society beauty who demands that Etienne make an honest woman of her!Isabel must marry her charming seducer-for the sake of her child.However,she is determined it will be a marriage is name only!

'Accomplished talent Mary Brendan is very adept at telling both sides of a love story,which easily doubles the reader's pleasure.'
RT Book Reviews

TITLE: Regency Debutante
AUTHOR: Louise Allen

From genteel poverty to high society! Talitha Grey expected to spend her life as a  milliner. Then a sudden inheritance catapulted her into the ton!Talitha will make her debut under Lady Perry’s wing – and must hide her shameful secret from her kind  guardian. The only difficulty is Lady Perry’s nephew, the gorgeous, suspicious Lord Arndale, who sees far too much…

“...sensual and emotionally rich love story.”
- Romantic Times BOOK club

TITLE: Regency Bargain
AUTHOR: Sylvia Andrew

Till death us do part.A solemn wedding vow.and one Lord Deverell's young bride ardently wishes to bring about-sooner rather than later!Only minutes after the wedding,Alexandra is brandishing a pistol at her husband,accusing him of ruining her father and killing her brother.So Deverell makes one more,wholly unexpected,vow:that he's completely innocent of both crimes and will prove it.

'This quick-paced "lady in disguise" romance is a light,fun read with lots of endearing characters.'
RT Book Reviews on A Very Unusual Governess

TITLE: Regency Passions
AUTHOR: Anne Ashley

The Unmasking Of Miss Grey

With her beloved godfather's death shrouded in scandal,the impetuous Miss Georgiana Grey disguises herself as a boy and heads to London to discover the truth.Being hired as the notorious Viscount Fincham's page help's Georgie's investigations,but plays havoc with her heart...
She return home,disastrously in love with her high-handed protector,only to discover she must return to London for the Season!She comes face-to-face Fincham at a lavish ball,and her true identity and outrageous deception are unmasked

'Anne Ashley captivates with a tale of intrigue,mystery,suspense and romance that has a delightfull resolution'-RT Book Reviews

TITLE: Regency Marriages
AUTHOR: Louise Allen

From highwayman's bride to lord's wife!

Katherine Cunningham married an unknown highwayman awaiting execution to save her brother from debtors' prison.But her new husband proved to be innocent and a lord.She won't hold Nicholas to such mistaken match-but he seems determined to make their marriage real...

"..sensual and emotionally rich love story."
-Romantic Times BOOKclub

TITLE: Regency Pleasures
AUTHOR: Mary Brendan

William and june Pemberton have been happily married for three years-but the longer they go on without June's conceiving,the more concerned she becomes.Especially since William's old flame is now free to marry again and.according to his mother,would make him much the better wife.And then a handsome charmer turns his attentions to June...

Pushed apart by jealousy,William and June must fight keep their marriage alive.Sometimes,it seems their mutual passion is all that holds them together.

'Accomplished talent Mary Brendan is very adept at telling both sides of love story,which easily doubles the reader's' -RT Book Reviews

TITLE: Regency Innocence
AUTHOR: Sylvia Andrew

A nameless beauty on his doorstep...

Lord Aldhurst rescues a cold,dazed lady one stormy night-and now the nameless beauty is residing in his home!He'll shelter her until she remembers where she comes from,but James can't deny how much he'd like her to stay-as mistress of his mansion!Horrified at her growing feelings for her handsome protector,she flees to London where she regains her status as the Ton's most sought-after debutante.Until she Jame's shocked and stormy face across a ballroom...

'This quick-paced "lady in disguise" romance is a light,fun read with lots of endearing characters.'
-RT Book Reviews on A Very Unusual Governess

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