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TITLE: Tug of Love
AUTHOR: Penny Jordan

Bringing their family back together…

Win had struggled to raise her son singlehandedly, but now Charlie’s father was back on the scene, demanding a share in his child. Did he intend to take Charlie away from her? In a few days, James had turned Win into a bundle ofnerves – but was her concern all for Charlie?

TITLE: Valentine's Night
AUTHOR: Penny Jordan

A sizzling-hot snowbound valentine

Sorrel didn’t particularly want to meet Val, but since the girl was coming all the way from Australia and Sorrel was bound by family connections, it seemed churlish not to welcome her. But that was until she found herself snowbound in a Welsh hill farm with Val – who turned out to be very defi nitely male!

TITLE: Loving
AUTHOR: Penny Jordan

Teaching him to love

When Claire's daughter Lucy brought a friend home from school Claire soon realised that the child was unhappy – and that her father's apparent neglect was the main cause. So when he arrived to collect his daughter, sparks began to fly. And even when they calmed down there was still a tension between them that Claire was not able to explain… Could she be the one to teach this impossible man the value of true love?

TITLE: Game of Love
AUTHOR: Penny Jordan

Luke's Red-Hot Revenge

When her cousin Emma enlisted her help in a desperate attempt to save her wedding plans, Natasha had no choice but to agree. But trying to pull the wool over Luke Templecombe’s eyes was a risky business – and a mistake he would make her pay for in the most seductive way possible…

TITLE: Sweet Seduction
AUTHOR: Penny Jordan

A Treacherous Seduction

After being humiliated by one rogue male, Beth is not about to fall for any man’s lies again. But on a business trip to Prague, Beth meets Alex Andrews. His claim to be rapidly falling in love is disconcerting – especially as his motives seem to be far from pure.

The Marriage Resolution

Years ago Dee Lawson deliberately destroyed her own chance of marriage. Now Hugo Montpelier has returned, believing Dee is married to someone else. eir sexual hunger is as strong as ever – but rst Dee will have to reveal the scandal she has kept secret for so long.

TITLE: Unspoken Passion
AUTHOR: Penny Jordan

Unspoken Desire

Would he always hold the past against her?

"You never did want to face reality, did you?" Frazer accused. "You always were a more in your imagination than in real life."

Frazer Aysgarth had never forgiven Rebecca for what she’d done those many years ago – despite the fact she’d sacri ced herself for his sake.

Now that they would be sharing the same house, Rebecca wondered if there was any hope that he’d see her as the woman she really was...

Perfect Lover

She had found passion in Gareth Simmonds’s arms. For one brief moment, in sun-drenched Italy, Louise Crighton had been able to forget her hurt at seeing the man she thought she loved fall for someone else.

Ashamed at her unexpected – and uninhibited – response to Gareth, she had gone out of her way to avoid seeing him again. But now Gareth is back, as attractive as ever. One question burns in Louise’s mind: Does Gareth still suspect that she’d used him as a substitute for another man?

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