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TITLE: One night in RIO
AUTHOR: Anne Mather

One night with a brooding Brazilian…

The Brazilian Millionaire’s Love-Child

Isobel never forgot the night dark, sexy Brazilian Alejandro Cabral took her virginity and gave her a daughter. Three years later, Alejandro is a changed man and he’s deliberately lured Isobel back to Brazil because he knows she bore his child!

Virgin Mistress, Scandalous Love-Child

In the seductive heat of Carnaval in Rio, Ellie succumbs to her charismatic boss Diogo. But having taken her virginity, the Brazilian billionaire keeps her at a distance – until he
discovers she’s pregnant!

The Surgeon’s Runaway Bride

Walking away from her husband Roque Aguiar Da Costa was the hardest thing Jewel had ever done. But now Roque has come to the Amazon rain forest, claiming that he is her boss and she is still his wife. His seduction is a taste of heaven…

TITLE: One night in MILAN
AUTHOR: Michelle Reid

One night with a hot-blooded Italian…

The Italian’s Future Bride

Impossibly wealthy, eligible Rafaelle Villani was furious when the world’s press falsely suggested he was involved with blonde Englishwoman Rachel Carmichael. Rafaelle instantly claimed his fake fi ancée and within twenty-four hours she’d been passionately seduced…

The Italian’s Chosen Wife

Italy’s most notorious tycoon had chosen waitress Meghan Selby as his ‘convenient’ bride. Dark and brooding, Alessandro expects his bride to be a true wife in his bed…
but he’s not interested in love. Their wedding night is a real eye-opener…

The Italian’s Captive Virgin

Angelo Emiliani knows Anna Delafi eld is playing games with him; so he decides to teach her a lesson, making her his VIP ‘guest’. But on his luxury yacht passions erupt and Anna realises stopping Angelo will be challenging!

TITLE: Claiming his Wife and Child
AUTHOR: Lynne Graham

Was he claiming her as his wife
just because he wanted his child?

One Night with His Wife

Luc Sarrazin’s marriage to Star had been intensely passionate but brief. They’d separated almost immediately and Star had disappeared, but Luc had never filed for divorce. Eighteen months later, Luc tracks Star down, but then he discovers that Star is the mother of twins!

Duarte’s Child

Only days before she was about to give birth, Emily left her husband, Duarte de Monteiro. Now he has traced her and their baby son, and he wants to bring them back to Portugal. This proud man can still make her knees weak with his slightest touch…but why does he want her back?

TITLE: Innocence Betrayed
AUTHOR: Anne Mather

International bestselling author
Anne Mather
glimpses the darker side of love

Her Guilty Secret

When Kate had taken a job with Alex Kellerman, she’d planned to find out more about the mystery in his past, not to be so attracted to him that she couldn’t deny she wanted him desperately – even wanted to help in his battle for custody of his young daughter…

Innocent Sins

One long-ago summer young, provocative Laura Neill discovered love and an all-too-brief happiness in her step-brother’s arms. Then his apparent betrayal set her running. Now she’s coming home, is it to confess her true feelings or reveal the secret she’s never told?

TITLE: Satisfaction
AUTHOR: Sharon Kendrick

Bestselling author

Sharon Kendrick offers you three intense and glamorous books, featuring some of her sexiest Greek heroes. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

When playboy Alexandros Pavlidis discovers that Rebecca is pregnant with his twins, his first instinct is to pay her off. But Xandros won’t be truly satisfied until Rebecca agrees to marriage – on his terms!

Billionaire Kyros Pavlidis wants a warm and willing woman in his bed every night – a wife to satisfy all his needs and Alice is just the woman for the job!

Estranged from his wife, billionaire Alexei Christou is angered by Victoria’s sudden demand for a divorce. He agrees to her terms but it will come at a price – his satisfaction! He means to bed his bride again...

TITLE: Seduction
AUTHOR: Miranda Lee

Bestselling author
Miranda Lee takes three handsome billionaires and works magic with their plans for marriage and passionate seduction

When his scheme for revenge by seduction goes awry, sexy billionaire Russell McClain finds he wants to keep sworn enemy Nicole Power even closer by making her his convenient wife!

Playboy billionaire Hugh Parkinson had never really noticed his PA, but when Kathryn finds herself in trouble he offers his name as protection. And he demands his sexy new wife fulfils all her marital duties.

In need of a wife and heir, Australian tycoon James Logan didn’t hesitate in seducing innocent Megan into bed and up the aisle. But when tragedy struck, James needed to be at his most ruthless to hold on to his bride…

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