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TITLE: Darkness Calls

Falling prey to passion

FBI agent Diana Reyes knew too much about the darkness of the human soul. She had spiralled into that underworld once before – and vowed never to fall again.Until she met him.

Powerful, dangerous and the key to catching a psychotic killer, Ryder Latimer was everything she couldn’t have – and everything she wanted. He haunted her nights, shattered her reserve and made her feel…more than she ever had before.But once she learned his secret, would his sensual promises of eternal love be enough to garner her forgiveness? For Ryder was more than a lover of the night…he was a vampire.

TITLE: Cry of the Wolf

Jewel Smith has lost the most important  part of her being…

Her ability to shape-shift into a wolf. On the run now from the dangerous mobster who destroyed her special gift, Jewel faces even deadlier stakes. For she will die if she doesn’t change into a wolf soon.

Arriving in west Texas, Jewel strives to complete her transformation. But as she lies naked in a grassy area and the animal in her is crying out for release, a handsome stranger intrudes. Brooding Colton Reynolds appears to be a man who knows a good deal about secrets…and the power of keeping them to himself.A man equally unable to trust. As her urge to shift awakens burning carnal desires,Jewel must put everything on the line. For if she gives her body to Colton, can she truly free her soul?

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